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Eliminate Formatting

Stop wasting time formatting documents. SmartProcedures virtually eliminates the need to format. Up to 75% of a writer's time is wasted on formatting Word documents.

Electronic Enforcement

SmartProcedures uses FlexViews® and SAM rules to ensure procedures are consistent and adhere to best practices.

Word to XML Conversion Engine

The powerful Word-to-XML conversion engine transforms the hard-coded Word format into standardized XML in a SQL database. ATR can assist with large conversion projects.

Equipment Database

Procedure content can be linked to Equipment referenced in your equipment database. Changes to Equipment data can appear automatically in affected procedures with the Global Change feature.


Personalized and intelligent work guidance delivered in any format on any device. FlexViews transform procedure content so that your workers get the information they need, how they need it. Thousands of procedures can instantly be transformed into a different "view" automatically.

Procedure CBT (Training)

SmartProcedures automatically outputs procedure content in an interactive step-by-step format so that learners can concentrate on task steps one chunk at a time. Procedure CBT supports video, graphics, diagrams, charts and other media to enhance the learning experience, and, tracks learner performance.

Risk-Based Procedure Analyzer (SAM)

SmartProcedures' SAM module provides powerful risk-based rules to help eliminate human error. The tool is built on industry best practices and can be easily customized. SAM analyzes procedures in seconds and helps writers improve content quality and reduce risk.

Operating Limits

The operating limit database provides one location for upper and lower limits and variable set-points. Operating limits can be inserted into the procedure steps and can change in procedures when their values are changed.

Interactive Procedures

Easily output procedures to mobile field devices, like Wonderware's IntelaTrac and Tablet PCs. Procedure content is transformed to fit clearly and simply onto smaller, portable displays.

Global Reference Objects

Set up standard lists of objects that writers link to, such as department names or job titles. Reports are available to show you which procedures contain these objects. Changing the reference object can change all procedures that contain that word automatically or can initiate a procedure review process.

Management of Change

SmartProcedures handles procedure change requests and comprehensive management of change review and approval processes. Procedure change workflow templates are easily created to include standard checklists, approvers and requirements. Comprehensive reporting streamlines administration and simplifies compliance.