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Procedure discipline and poorly written procedures are major causes of accidents in the industry. High performing facilities recognize the importance of having formal training and certification programs for writers to help author high quality, reliable, and usable procedures.

The certification program is focused on all facets of procedure writing: human factors, adherence to best practices, human error reduction and optimum efficiency.

The Procedure Writers Certification Course will prepare participants to develop practical procedure writing skills that result in:

  • Higher quality procedures
  • Fewer errors experienced by workers when using procedures
  • Greater worker compliance with procedures

The course is regularly updated with the latest research methods in procedure writing techniques.

Course Duration:

  • Days 1-3: Instruction (4 hours per day)
  • Day 4: Final exam (approximately 3 hours)

Course Objectives:

  • Understand procedure writer responsibilities
  • Demonstrate understanding of critical elements of procedures
  • Understand human factors related to procedures usage
  • Demonstrate proficiency in identifying and correcting human error traps
  • Demonstrate proficiency in technical writing

Course Outline:

  • Why Procedures are Important
  • Procedure Writer Responsibilities
  • Why Operators Don’t Use Procedures
  • What “Bad” Procedures Look Like
  • Procedure Writing Process
  • Human Factors You Should Know
  • Procedure Usage
  • Procedure Types
  • Procedure Components
  • Writing Guidelines
  • Procedure Assessments
  • Procedure Development Workflow
  • Procedure Upgrades
  • Procedure Program Success Factors
  • Mobile/Interactive Procedures

Certification Requirements

  • Initial baseline exam
  • Active participation
  • Exercise completion
  • Self-check quizzes
  • Procedure writing exercises
  • Final exam

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