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Electronic Enforcement

Best Practices. Styles. Rules. Structure.

Guaranteed Consistency

SmartProcedures advanced XML-based technologies guarantees consistency across your procedures. No longer do you have variance between writers, procedures or even pages of the procedure.

Electronic Enforcement Diagram

Lock Down Properties by Procedure Type

With SmartProcedures, the electronic lock-down begins with the procedure type. Once the types and properties have been defined, then the writer simply concentrates on quality content and doesn't have to worry about formatting.

A procedure type can also specify that a procedure must have specific sections (e.g. Scope, Purpose, Entry Conditions, Safety Considerations, etc.), and allowable number of step levels.

Electronic Enforcement

SAM - Procedure Analyzer

​For example, SmartProcedure's advanced procedure analysis module called SAM can have rules that differentiate between administrative and operations and maintenance procedures. Each procedure type can have its own set of rules, properties and templates.

Another example is that a particular procedure type can have a cover page, table of contents, list of revisions and an equipment list, while another type might not require these.